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Activities Schedule Pt. 2


Since each child is different, they will learn and experience things in their own way. This sample activity schedule is different from the one I posted because it is catered to ages 1-2. Though it may not seem like a big difference, children develop very fast. Even a six month difference will be a huge gap in development! This schedule was made to develop fine motor skills and allow the children to experience age-friendly art activities. I am including a sample activity schedule along with all the documents needed to complete them. Additionally, please find some helpful hints and advice for each day of the week. Hope you and your little ones enjoy!

Sample Activity Schedule

Foot coloring page

Fox coloring page

Letter book – A

Letter book – C

Letter C coloring page – cat

Letter puzzle – A

Paper Bag Puppet – Cow

Shapes coloring page




Monday – Use the link to find the alligator song

Make a snapping motion (like the Florida Gator chomp) as you listen to the song. Run around “chomping” and show them how to “chomp”.

Tuesday – For the snack used for the learning time activity, use goldfish or some other snack they love!

Wednesday – Follow the Leader should be a big hit! For the letter F handout, they do not have to write (obviously). Focus on saying the word as they color and emphasizing the letter F.

Thursday – For Gross Motor Skills, if you do not have any empty two liter bottles, just find something for them to knock down. The objective is to get them to throw and aim, that’s all.

Friday – Everything is pretty self-explanatory here!




Paper bag

Empty 2-liter bottles (2)




Activities Schedule


If you are able to stay at home with your children, I believe that you have been given a gift! Most women devote themselves to providing for their families and are not able to stay home with their children. Those who are able to remain with their little ones should try to make the most of the time. I have recently tried to make an activity schedule for my daughter so that she can learn and have fun simultaneously. I want her to be exposed to the things that a daycare would offer her, such as coloring activities, reading books that match the topic of the day, and crafts. Not everyone is endowed with the ability to come up with wonderful, engaging, and educational ideas to do at home; this is where the internet comes into play. I think that structure and education is very important for children, especially toddlers. I feel that this will let the child know what is coming next and make learning easier and fun. I am so proud of how far my daughter has come and want to continue to enrich her mind, so why not have fun while doing it?!

There is a great site called ABC Teach where parents and teachers are able to download all kinds of forms. ABC Teach is a great starting point, as they offer several printable documents for a range of ages and topics! You can find age appropriate activities to fit your child by setting the age group you need in the search options. The activity schedule that I created is for one week and each day focuses on a certain topic. Each topic has a fun activity and an educational one. I also go the public library and find books that match the topic of the day. I can access my public library’s catalog from home and do a search of the topic. I write down the necessary information and then find the books at the library. If you do not have the time to do this, you can definitely use the books you already have at home!

Below you can find a sample activity schedule for a toddler and the link to the site ABC teach*. I have included all the documents that you would need to complete all the activities listed in the schedule. Hope you and your little ones enjoy!

*Please note, I only use the free documents of ABC teach, but the site offers a multitude of documents for their members. For a fee, you would have access to ALL the site has to offer! ABC Teach Website



Activity Schedule Week 1

connect the dots fish

counting shapes

fish coloring page

Number Book 1-5

penguin counting page

puerto rican flag coloring page

trace and color fish



Welcome to Mommy’s Corner! This section will be a collaboration from other sites which provide advice, activities for kids, lesson plans, and more!

Putting your child on a schedule is not an easy task! Though it can be difficult, providing your child with a structured day has countless benefits. Follow the link below to and read “Establishing Toddler Routines” by Denise Schipani to find out five perks of having a schedule!

Attached to this post is a schedule that I made for me and my family. I am a stay at home mother, so I have a lot of flexibility. I am attending an online college as well, so it is important for me to have time reserved for school. Additionally, I think it is important for each parent involved to have one-on-one time with each child, so I incorporated “Daddy Daughter” time to my schedule. For my working moms, you already have your schedule! Despite the opposing viewpoints on daycare, it does provide your child with a schedule. Download my sample schedule, use it as a template, and change it to fit your lifestyle!

Sample Schedule