Activities Schedule Pt. 2


Since each child is different, they will learn and experience things in their own way. This sample activity schedule is different from the one I posted because it is catered to ages 1-2. Though it may not seem like a big difference, children develop very fast. Even a six month difference will be a huge gap in development! This schedule was made to develop fine motor skills and allow the children to experience age-friendly art activities. I am including a sample activity schedule along with all the documents needed to complete them. Additionally, please find some helpful hints and advice for each day of the week. Hope you and your little ones enjoy!

Sample Activity Schedule

Foot coloring page

Fox coloring page

Letter book – A

Letter book – C

Letter C coloring page – cat

Letter puzzle – A

Paper Bag Puppet – Cow

Shapes coloring page




Monday – Use the link to find the alligator song

Make a snapping motion (like the Florida Gator chomp) as you listen to the song. Run around “chomping” and show them how to “chomp”.

Tuesday – For the snack used for the learning time activity, use goldfish or some other snack they love!

Wednesday – Follow the Leader should be a big hit! For the letter F handout, they do not have to write (obviously). Focus on saying the word as they color and emphasizing the letter F.

Thursday – For Gross Motor Skills, if you do not have any empty two liter bottles, just find something for them to knock down. The objective is to get them to throw and aim, that’s all.

Friday – Everything is pretty self-explanatory here!




Paper bag

Empty 2-liter bottles (2)




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