Image rules all. Everyone is caught up in their own self image that they fail to see inner beauty and ignore their own self worth. New clothes and shoes, makeup and fake hair, implants and surgery, are the focus of our society.

To me, people fall into two categories. The first chooses to return to the “all natural ways”, flaunting their natural hair, skin, etc. The second focuses on trends; the latest hairstyle, types of clothing, makeup, shoes, etc. Both determine a person’s idea of what imagery is acceptable. Each side is set on being the “right” way. I say, why can’t we have both? Life can be a balance between the two.

Self image is actually based on how others see us. That means we form our perceptions of ourselves from the opinions and thoughts of other people. Other people. Those who have no control over our daily lives. Does that make any sense?? Shouldn’t our self image be formed by our own thoughts and not based on opinions of our peers? Truth is, we choose from the images we see and use what the media tells us is good, right, and beautiful as a measuring stick. This skewed form of measurement provides unattainable goals. We are so blinded by our own willingness to fit in, to be loved and accepted. The obsession with image is leading us further and further away from things that truly matter.

Positive self image is a hard thing to come by. We have to accept our flaws and believe that we are perfect with our imperfections. Our talents are not defined by our shoes, clothes, hair, car, and home. Our ability to love is not determined by how many partners we have had. Our faith is not measured by the amount of bible verses we can quote. If people were to channel the energy they place on taking the perfect selfie on Instagram, posting the most insightful quote on Facebook, or tweeting the funniest thing on Twitter, and focus on self improvement, self love, and promoting community, we would be better off.

I am not the first to say this and surely will not be the last. Nevertheless, the truth must be spread. Image is not everything. Pretty things cannot cover up an ugly soul.

“Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.”



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