Ten Ways To Open Your Heart – Pt. 10: Promise without Forgetting

Ten Ways To Open Your Heart – Pt. 10: Promise without Forgetting

Keep every promise you make and only make promises you can keep.

Anthony Hitt

Promises are bonds that should not be broken. Life sometimes gets in the way of promises. Time, money, and effort are all necessary to keep promises. Though this happens, it is necessary to stay true to your word. I think it is necessary to stick to what you decide to do. The promises could be small: promising to come home straight from work, promising to take out the trash, or promising to spend more time with someone. The promises could be big: promises to travel the world, to move to another state, to devote your life to someone else. Whatever the size or significance of a promise, it is still a promise to be kept. Sometimes we forget what we promise. We make plans but do not follow through with them. We attempt to revamp our lives with promises to stop drinking, smoking, making career changes, or spend less money. But, we forget. We make promises to communicate better, to forgive easier, or to be understanding. But, we forget. Make commitments and stick with them. If things go awry and it is not possible to complete the promise, make adjustments. Becoming a better person, friend, and/or spouse is a promise that should be kept. Making a difference or a life change that will affect not just you but your family, friends, or coworkers, is a promise that should be kept. Change for the better and life will evolve in ways you did not know it could. A real promise is a promise to yourself. Put forth effort into self-improvement because self-love can conquer all.

Never forget what you set out to do. Keep your promises and never forget.


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