Ten Ways to Open Your Heart – Pt. 1: Listen without Interrupting

Ten Ways to Open Your Heart – Pt. 1: Listen without Interrupting

Listening requires more than people realize. Listening is not simply the act of hearing someone talk, but rather the ways we choose to respond to what others are telling us. During heated debates, we tend to focus on our rebuttal instead of listening to the other person. People focus too little on the information that the person speaking is providing and devote all the attention to forming a response. I am guilty of this. I am quick to try to answer without letting the other person finish their thought. In order to become a good listener, a person must clear their thoughts and focus on the person who is speaking. They should be engaged in the conversation and wait to respond. Nothing is more frustrating than a person who will not let others speak.

Communication is crucial to building strong relationships and good communication starts with active listening. Allowing your partner, friend, parent, coworker, etc. elaborate on that they are saying, paying attention to detail, and responding accordingly will illustrate how you are devoted to the conversation. Being patient and listening without interrupting, shows that you are paying attention and value the person speaking. Remaining respectful and allowing others to express their opinion is sometimes difficult to do during an argument, but always worth it. Talking over someone, not allowing them to finish, or ignoring them will not result in a conflict resolution. Make the effort to be polite and patient, take the time to truly hear what the person is saying, and do not interrupt. Your conversations will be fruitful and your conflicts resolved faster.

 “If we were supposed to talk more than we listen, we would have two tongues and one ear.”

-Mark Twain


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