The Right Foundation

The Right Foundation

A common interest, a mutual feeling, a spark of conversation, hate, dislike, lies, or deceit: every relationship has a foundation. Sadly, that foundation needs to be strong and positive or the relationship will fail. This concept is applicable for every relationship from marriages and friendships, to relationships with coworkers and in-laws.

Each relationship is different and has its own unique dynamic. In order for a relationship to be successful, it must have a solid foundation made of trust, patience, and the willing to learn. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, a German writer and diplomat, said, “You only learn from those you love”. These seven words make up a powerful statement. Listen to the ones you love, and attempt to learn from what they have to offer. No one is ever finished with his or her self-improvement. If someone is telling you that you are being hurtful or inconsiderate, listen to them and attempt to develop your behavior. Be open to change and offer your willingness to try.

Patience is essential in each relationship. Making time to listen to your partner, friend, or loved one, makes a huge difference. If you read my post “The Four P’s”, I talk about it there. I believe that patience is an underused quality. People are quick to get angry, upset, or frustrated, and, simply, think that they do not have the time. If we devoted a little more time to listening and understanding, our relationships would truly blossom.

Trust is the last ingredient in building a strong, healthy, relationship. If we cannot trust those around us, how can we have faith in our lives? Honesty is a necessity for forming a lasting relationship. Trust allows us to give ourselves fully in the relationship, and the people involved will see our true selves. Having a relationship with a solid emphasis on trust will be fruitful in many ways. Allowing yourself to give yourself to someone and have him or her do the same with you is a wonderful and rare thing. People will be able to make connections that are more meaningful if they spent time trusting and being honest.

A solid foundation does not pop up overnight; it takes time and dedication from each person involved. It is worth the extra effort. With a tough foundation, the relationship will be resilient and last through adversity. Ephesians 4:2 reads, “Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, be caring with one another in love”; take this and open your heart to the ones you love.


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