Life with throw you curve balls all the time, and though it is nice to hit it out the park, sometimes stepping to the plate is the real achievement. Remaining motivated in a time of hardship is extremely difficult. Finding motivation to do something that you have no desire to do is equally stressful. However, adverse situations arise, and we are forced to do things we are not passionate about, it is important to utilize your motivational skills.

Normally, emotions, or people motivate us. Fear of failure and the desire to succeed are strong motivational tools. Our loved ones, friends, and family, all serve as a support group for us; they are our personal cheerleaders! Nevertheless, people fail to motivate themselves. I believe self-love is an important, and overlooked, aspect. Telling yourself that you are worth that promotion, that you are beautiful, that you can overcome this adversity, is the strongest motivational tool you can use. Remaining positive and a high self-esteem will get you what you want out of life. Simply, believing in yourself is essential. Giving yourself confidence is a beautiful characteristic that everyone can benefit from.

Though it may not be the easiest task, try to tell yourself that you are worth it and will succeed. Surround yourself with those who are on your team, rooting for you! Make the most of each opportunity, no matter how unusual or out of reach, it may seem. Life will become more enjoyable, more appealing, when you are looking at it with positive thoughts and an open mind.

“The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential… these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.”


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