Be Positive!

Be Positive!

There is the age-old saying that some people think the glass is half-full and some think that it is half-empty. I will admit that I am a complainer, even when I have no valid reason to complain. I am definitely working on improving my outlook on life.

On the first Saturday of every month, our city’s planetarium opens up to the public free of charge. I discovered this on accident and took my daughter on a whim. It was amazing to see her face light up in wonder and awe when she saw the stars and planets. Since then, I make an effort to take her back each month. Today was our planetarium day. I was exhausted due to lack of sleep (Moms, can I get an “Amen”?!) and was debating if I should take her. I found every excuse NOT to take her, but none good enough. I told myself, “If you don’t take her today, you are going to regret it all month”. So, I got up, convinced my husband to get ready, and we headed out. It was amazing! Sakari (my two year old daughter) kept asking me “Mama, what’s that?” with all the wonder in her eyes. This made up for every minute of lost sleep. If I chose to sleep in, my family would have missed a great opportunity to bond and share an interesting, educational experience.

Today was also special because I spent some time with my mother in law. We used to spend a great deal of time together but we had stopped for various reasons. My husband surprised me with two tickets to the Florida State football game and he suggested that I should go with his mother. I was a bit skeptical. I was afraid that she would complain about everything: the weather, the noise, the people, etc. She had called earlier today and said she did not know if she was going to attend the game because of traffic. I became nervous: I began to wonder if I would even enjoy the game. My husband convinced her that everything would be fine and she should come. We went to the game and it was a blast! Not everyone has a good relationship with his or her mother in law; in fact, most of my friends swear that Satan himself currently employs their mother in laws. We shared something so special in that stadium. I learned that, despite living in Tallahassee for 50+ years, she had never been to a Florida State home game. I was able to share that with her! We laughed, cheered, and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! If I had let my negative thoughts drag me down, and if she gave into her excuses not to attend the game, we would have both missed a beautiful experience.

Remaining positive and seeing the greater good beyond our troubles will help you strive for more. Waking up promising to make the most of your day will provide you a sense of purpose and value. Not every day has to include an outlandish amount of effort, but it should always include the drive to make a happy life. Try, as hard as it may seem, to turn a negative thought into a positive, to make every mishap into a blessing in disguise. Happy thoughts equal a positive attitude, and a positive attitude leads to a fulfilling and enjoyable life.


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