Happily Ever After – Pt. 1

Happily Ever After – Pt. 1

Soul Mates

Fate brought these two souls to each other.

Strength keeps them together.

Faith gives them reassurance.

Compassion allows them to connect.

Passion ignites their drive.

Two people, two souls, and two hearts

Combine together to form one life.

Love binds them eternally.

 Written on 7/2/10

We see so many romantic comedies (and Disney movies!) giving us an unrealistic view on soul mates, true love, and happily ever after. Does any of it exist? I think it does. Despite the high divorce rate and the cynical outlook on relationships, I believe that there is someone for everyone. Someone who brings out the best in you, and pushes you to be a better person; someone who has seen you at your worst but still loves you; a person who will support you through any experience that life has to offer: all are included in my definition of a soul mate.


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